Wednesday, September 25, 2013

SharePoint Applications Testing

1.     What are Various Tools available for SharePoint Testing?
 Some of the Tool available for Testing are:
 SharePoint 2007 Test Data Population Tool (available at CodePlex)
 Sporm (available at Codeplex)
 Can also Use Typemock Isolator for Testing sharePoint object model.
2.     How will you set up a Platform for Testing SharePoint WebParts?
We would need to install :
1. WSS 3.0
2. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 installed.
3. Windows Server 2003 or 2008.
4. Visual Studio 2005 or 2008.
3.     How would you plan Testing WebParts.
A Tester would need to verify by adding,deleting and moving webparts on a webpart page.Also, a Tester should verify the Web Part properties, Webpart ToolPane and that nothing fails on the Page.
4.     How will you Test the Performance of a SharePoint Website?
 Various Tools are available in the market to do that. Some of them are
 Fiddler – a very handy and light weight tool that can provide quick overview of you web site performance. It can also records scripts that you can use in VSTS.
neXpert - an add-on to Fiddler which automates the classic performance best practice checks and produces a HTML report on the issues found in a Fiddler capture.
Visual Round Trip Analyzer - Web page performance visualizer and analyzer tool.
Also, Can use SharePoint Capacity Planning * Also, Can use SharePoint Capacity Planning Tool from Microsoft. 
5.     How would you plan Testing WebParts.
We can Test a SharePoint site for various customizations that will be done by a developers or a designers.
For e.g. some important steps for Testing Custom WebParts are:
Verify that you can add the Web Part properly to a sharepoint page, and nothing fails.
Verify that the Web Part handles all of its exceptions.
Verify that the Web Part works correctly regardless of where the Web Part Page is located.
Verify that the Web Part can access its resources in different setup configurations.
Verify that Web Part properties displayed in the tool pane are user-friendly.
Verify that the Web Part renders appropriately based on user permissions.
Verify that the Web Part previews properly.
Verify that adding several instances of the same Web Part to a Web Part Page (or in the same Web Part zone) works correctly.

6.     How would you Test Design and Layout changes in SharePoint?
Some of the changes that we need to check are:
See if companies Logo is displayed correctly.
Verify that it shows up on each and every page of the Site.
Verify that every page in SharePoint including list and library pages (AllForms.aspx) uses the same master Page.
Verify that the application Pages such as "settings.aspx" also inherit the company branding layout ( or master Page).
Verify that any page can be edited successfully, and the user can add/remove webparts from the Page.
Verify the any new page created, inherits the custom Branding Layout or master Page.
Verify that the branding (master page or look and feel) or layout does not fail if a user adds a Content editor webpart with custom Css in the webpart.
Verify design in various browsers. 


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